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Background of General Surgery

In 1934 and with regard to medical staff shortage, need for physicians in Mashhad and lack of graduates of Tehran University, the idea of stablishing a school of medicine was strengthened, and a medical science education center for training individuals with BSc in medicine was approved by the order of the prime minister. Health institute of higher education in Mashhad gradually evolved until 1949, when all equipment and facilities for establishment of a school of medicine were provided.

The most ancient healthcare center of Mashhad is Imam Reza hospital, for which an area of 28 hectares was selected, and establishment of the current surgery ward of the hospital was initiated. In 1934, the building of this ward was built and it was inaugurated with one hundred beds. At that time, manager of the ward was Dr. Mohammad Moazed, who was followed by Dr. Bach (from Czechoslovakia), Dr. Butarou (a French surgen), and Dr. Salari. After the death of Dr. Salari in 1954, Dr. Asadi was selected as the head of hospital, who invited one of his old friends from Belgium, Roch Boulvin, to be a part of his team. From that point on, defects of the surgery ward were gradually eliminated and the ward was turned into a complete educational ward, in which large surgeries would be performed. After that, the ward was recognized as an educational section, followed by the training of surgery residents since then.

Moreover, a medical document archive, which is essential for research studies, was created, leading to the publishing of research of Dr. Boulvin every month. Therefore, the surgery of Mashhad University is recognized in French-speaking countries, and Dr. Boulvin has been considered as professor.

Given the fact the school of medicine had no specific hospital for education, and Imam Reza Hospital was the only educational hospital, which belonged to Astan Quds Razavi, the need for a specialized hospital was more felt by development of the university. Therefore, building of a hospital in Ahmadabad Street initiated in 1960. Eventually, the built hospital was called Ghaem Hospital. In 1969, surgery clinic was established by Dr. Mohammad Shahinfar in the hospital for education of students. In addition, surgery laboratory was established at the west side of hospital for residents, who performed surgeries on animals.

In 1973, the first section of hospital was ready to be established. After a while, the second surgery ward was inaugurated, followed by the establishment of thorax, plastic and reconstructive, children, burn, urology, kidney transplant, and orthopedic surgery wards.

Given the increased number of pilgrims of Imam Reza, necessity of creation of a specific center for children increased. Therefore, the old building of Dr. Sheikh Hospital in South Taheri Street was reconstructed and equipped in 1990 and awarded to Mashhad University in 1996. With great endeavors of Dr. Roshan Zamir, the neonatal surgery section and operating room of the hospital were completed and provided for surgery education department.



General Surgery

General Surgery is a medical discipline concerned with surgical procedures for treating traumas and diseases in various parts of the body, with special emphasis on:

Traumas, and diseases of digestive tract, abdomen, neck, endocrine glands, peripheral vascular system, soft tissues, and breast.


Training proficient general surgeons in accordance with international standards and national requirements.

Graduates will actively participate in providing highest quality services to people and in pursuing research and pushing frontiers of science.

Graduates will serve in:

Diagnosis, treatment and care of patients

Prevention / consultation services

Educational, research or management activities

Duration of study

Clerkship: 2 months

Internship: 2 months

Residency: 4 years

Fellowship: 18 months


Pediatric Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Reconstructive and Burn Surgery

Trauma Surgery



Colorectal surgery

Cancer surgery

Main Textbooks

Schwartz's Principles of Surgery

Maingot's Abdominal Operations


Research centers

Department Library


Educational display board